H2S Safety Services

CANON SAFETY/RHI GROUP is the leader in H₂S Safety Services. Our H₂S Safety Supervisors have the experience, training and equipment to mitigate the risks of H₂S exposure during critical drilling and production operations where H₂S may be present. Our dependable, scalable H₂S safety solutions allow us to create the ideal respiratory environment for your workers. Our H₂S Safety Supervisors have experience in all aspects of drilling, completions, wire line operations, and confined space entry. Each H₂S Safety Supervisor has undergone an extensive orientation and training program, including H₂S Detection, OSHA 10 and 30 Hour courses, PEC SafeLand, and MEDIC First Aid Training.

When Experience Matters…. CANON SAFETY/RHI GROUP has been Improving Safety Since 1987; that’s not just our slogan that is the promise to our customers and your employees. We have the experience necessary to design and implement safety programs to improve safety on locations.

Comprehensive H₂S Protection Services:

  • High quality equipment
  • Installation by expertly trained and experienced
  • technicians
  • H₂S safety response packages outfitted to your
  • specifications
  • Grade “D” breathing air bottles
  • Fully-automated Grade “D” breathable air
  • compressors with carbon monoxide detectors
  • 2, 6, 8 and 10-cylinder breathing air cascades
  • State-of-the-art wireless H₂S gas detection
  • sensors
  • Low-pressure manifolds
  • Hazardous location visible and audible alarms
  • Large fleet of H₂S safety trailers
  • Professionally prepared contingency plans
  • Extensive H₂S training and education
  • Onsite respiratory PFT and fit testing
  • H₂S and HSE Safety professionals
  • Confined Space Rescue Teams & Equipment

Improve Safety During Critical Operations
A well-planned and executed H₂S contingency plan increases safety, health and compliance during critical drilling and production operations including:

  • Drilling operations
  • Flow back operations
  • Work over operations
  • Production
  • Known H₂S production
  • Aging production
  • Water flood operations
  • Fracing operations

H₂S Safety Equipment
Our breathing apparatus' are maintained and serviced in-house by our fully certified technicians. All H₂S Specialists are trained and qualified in the operation and field maintenance of all H₂S equipment. Additionally our technicians are certified in the deployment of our four-inch, and six-inch flare stacks and are trained and tested in the proper use of the flare stack.

H₂S Safety Trailers Include:

  • Eight 300 cu.ft. Breathing Air Cylinders
  • Six SCBA (2216 psi, 30 minute Auto Positive Pressure)
  • Six Supplied Air Breathing App (SABA)
  • H₂S Gas Detector, Gastec Pump Style, with 90 Colormetrics Tubes
  • 800 ft. Breathing Air Hose
  • Re-Charge Line for Refilling Breathing Apparatus
  • Hose Line Masks with Egress Cylinders
  • Two Manifolds (Low Pressure)
  • One High Pressure Regulator
  • H₂S Warning Signs, Two Poles and Wind Socks
  • Flare Pistol Kit with Twelve Flares
  • Air Pack Stands
  • Two Briefing Areas
  • 4 Channel Wireless H₂S Monitoring System with Light and Siren

Contingency Plan Development
Our expert Contingency Plan Developer is well versed in the latest Federal, State and local laws governing H₂S operations.

  • Professionally written contingency plans
  • All plans adhere and comply to regulatory and industry
  • Owner/operator contingency plan reviews
  • Land owner and home owner notification services
  • All plans complete and ready for submittal to the regulatory authorities
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