Highly customized on-site and online training courses

Workers in the oilfield face a long list of unique dangers while on their jobsites. A single misstep can lead to enormous consequences to both employee health, environmental sustainability, and company profitability.

Canon Safety has worked with businesses and operations of all sizes throughout the oil and gas industry. Because of this experience, we have the ability to train your workforce to perform at maximum efficiency while adhering to industry regulations and OSHA compliance protocols.

The certified training professionals at Canon Safety provide highly customized on-site and online training courses to assist with oil and gas industry workforce compliance. By ensuring you and your employees are totally competent and ready to take on the many tasks they must perform while on the job, you’ll minimize the risk of injury and increase your overall profitability. For more information on our industry-leading training services for employees in the oil and gas industry, contact Canon Safety today.

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