Safety Supervisors, Training & Compliance Services

Canon Safety/RHI Group was founded in 1987 in Kilgore, Texas as a full service provider of safety training, compliance assurance, atmospheric monitoring, and consulting services for the oil and gas industry. Our goal is to help companies throughout the oil and gas industry provide the safest possible environments for their employees and the communities in which they thrive. We achieve the highest levels of safety and compliance for a simple reason: maintaining safe, productive, and compliant work environments is of the utmost importance to us. We will work closely with you to ensure your people, your operation, and your equipment runs at optimal efficiency with the fewest possible setbacks.

We’ve consistently provided the most reliable H2S safety services, safety training, compliance assurance, HSE services, guard and security services, gas detection products, employee training, and more for more than three decades. Each day, we look forward to providing companies throughout the southern region of the United States with the highest quality services and products they need to excel in their respective industries.

All of our jobsite safety-oriented programs are designed to be practical and easy to understand while ensuring you lower costs and increase your operation’s overall efficiency and profitability. Through safety audits, compliance management, superior equipment rental services, and on-site consultants and safety personnel, we are your premier source for total professional jobsite safety and compliance solutions.

Learn more about our mission to keep your workers and your equipment safe in the toughest environments on the planet. For more information on Canon Safety, contact a representative from our team today.

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