On-site surface rental equipment

Ensuring your workplace remains as safe as possible while maintaining optimal efficiency requires a myriad of valuable on-site surface rental equipment. At Canon Safety, we stay up-to-date with advancements in industry-leading technologies – that way, we can always offer our clients the rental equipment they need at an affordable cost.

Each product we provide is uniquely designed to exceed your expectations. Our specialized rental gas detection and respiratory systems are guaranteed to meet or exceed oil and gas compliance regulations. By always offering outstanding customer service and support, establishing an equipment rental relationship with Canon Safety is the ideal way to create a fully functional, affordable oilfield operation.

To learn more about our rental equipment pricing, shipping, and more, contact a representative from our team today.

Oilfield Safety Equipment Sales

If you have questions about purchasing our high-quality safety equipment, we provide gas detection equipment, breathing air systems, confined space equipment, cascade systems, signage, and more. Contact a representative from Canon Safety today to learn more about our equipment sales.

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