Fully customizable professional security services

Ensuring the safety of your employees and assets is about more than monitoring the regular hazards of your oil and gas industry jobsite. External threats beyond your control, especially criminal activity, pose a serious problem for businesses attempting to perform their tasks in peace.

The majority of oilfield operations take place in some of the most remote locations on earth. As a result, the threat of vandalism, theft, and other crimes is significantly increased. The response time of local law enforcement may be too long to adequately protect your jobsite – that’s why you need on-site gate guards and security patrol units provided by Canon Safety.

We proudly provide fully customizable professional security services that are designed to suit your specific location and project needs. Our gate guards and security personnel are fully trained and prepared to help you stay one step ahead of any security situation that may arise.

For more information on our on-site gate guard and security services for businesses in the oil and gas industry, contact Canon Safety today.

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