Operator Qualification (OQ)

Operator Qualification (OQ) is based upon a legal framework applied to workers in the oil and gas industry to reduce accidents related to human error. OQ operates as a safety program to ensure that individuals who perform a wide range of tasks on oilfield projects are qualified to do so.

Canon Safety utilizes three third-party Operator Qualification programs:

  • Veriforce
  • The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER)
  • Operator Qualification Solutions Group (OQSC)

Working in tandem with these third-party qualification management programs, on-site personnel from Canon Safety have the authority to evaluate the qualifications of your employees to perform specific tasks. Once they’ve been evaluated and have met all requirements for their tasks, we’ll store their qualification records in an online database system to demonstrate their qualified status.

By ensuring that your employees are qualified for the tasks they perform each day, you’ll find peace of mind that your business will stand up to regulatory scrutiny. As an industry leader in this area, Canon Safety is ready to provide your business with a competitive edge in your industry.

To learn more about the Operator Qualification process and how our professional, certified safety consultants are ready to help your business become more efficient, contact Canon Safety today.

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