Ensuring your jobsites and employees are both safe and industry compliant

Because the oil and gas industry constantly engages with a range of toxic and explosive gasses, Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) exposure is a major concern. At Canon Safety, we provide essential H2S Safety services that ensure your jobsites and employees are both safe and industry compliant. Our decades of experience in the industry coupled with our top-tier customer service and gas detection equipment makes us the ideal partner in H2S safety services.

Our comprehensive H2S safety services include exposure monitoring, respiratory protection programs, indoor air quality testing, hazard and risk assessment, and more. Our personnel are qualified and fully competent when it comes to ensuring your operation takes the proper precautions and preventative measures against the danger of H2S exposure.

Thanks to our more than 30 years in the safety consulting industry, we have the expertise necessary to provide H2S safety services for operations of all sizes throughout the southern United States. For more information on Canon Safety’s superior H2S safety services in East Texas, contact one of our representatives today.

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